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Six Things We Learned From Two Weeks of Coworking

28 Jan Six Things We Learned From Two Weeks of Coworking

Two weeks ago we opened The Compass and introduced coworking to Medicine Hat.

The Compass is a place for freelancers and home office workers to share ideas, collaborate on projects, find community, participate in solutions, make new friends, take bold action, and start your next direction.

Since our grand opening we’ve learned a thing or two worth sharing.

Compass January 28, 2016

  1. You look forward to going to work. When you open the door to the cowork space, you don’t know who you will meet or what the will be working on. It’s that little tinge of anticipation like walking into a restaurant or opening your new iPhone. In other words: much better than working from home.
  2. Your days are full of discovery. If you checkin to the cowork space early enough, it might be just you and your laptop. But as the day goes on and people come and go, you meet new friends and hear completely different ideas. There aren’t any silos when everyone is an entrepreneur. New ideas can come from anywhere.
  3. A pattern is emerging. Early morning is quiet time, perfect for thinking through difficult problems or writing that first draft. The space begins to buzz with activity starting at 10 am lasting until 2 pm. So grab a coffee and bring your ideas — you just don’t know where the flow will take you.
  4. The Compass Community is an idea factory. When everyone is working together and sharing ideas it’s really, really amazing what can happen. From clever marketing ideas to new business opportunities, an hour in the cowork space gives you enough new ideas to last all week.
  5. Coworking leads to colearning. When you’re working from home and you don’t know how to do something — insert a calendar into Microsoft Word, script a YouTube video — your only option is Google. We think it’s better to ask your fellow coworkers because maybe somebody has a faster way or a better idea all together.
  6. Success begets success. The Compass Community is full of people who are working hard to perfect their craft and make a difference. Working together, sharing ideas, and collaborating on projects helps everyone in the community succeed.

Curious about coworking? Here are two articles that do a great job of explaining what it is and why its awesome.

A monthly coworking membership at the Compass is only $95  and comes with 24/7 access to the cowork space including two breakout rooms, super fast internet, printing, coffee, and access to community events. Call Jon at (403) 526-4419 to learn more or book a tour.

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